Epilepsy Research

Epilepsy Wellness Advocates is a medically backed, data-driven, research-based community that produces tools and resources to improve the quality of life for those dealing with epilepsy in one form or another.

Epilepsy Wellness Advocates is privately funded to ensure agnostic approaches for patients, free of ties to any specific organization.


Frustrated by the lack of holistic research, Charlie is devoting his time and net worth to help support others with epilepsy and create solutions where there previously were none.

For years, Charlie was convinced of the connection between stress, diet, sleeplessness and the frequency of seizures. But no one in the medical community had studied this relationship. Now Charlie works with leading healthcare providers like the Cleveland Clinic to invest in such research while advocating for a cure.


The strength of Epilepsy Wellness Advocates is that it’s an inclusive community built to support you through your fears, questions, treatments and successes. We can all help one another by sharing tips, and we’ll use data to substantiate any ideas that could help you improve your quality of life. That’s our promise.


Are you trying to wrap your head around what epilepsy is and what it means?

Our hope is to help you build a solid foundation so you’re better informed as you talk to your doctor, discuss next steps, and advocate for yourself or someone with epilepsy.

Don’t have epilepsy? This article will give you a much better perspective about people diagnosed with epilepsy and the challenges of living with the disorder.

Either way, our goal is to help you get the information you need in a way that’s not intimidating, confusing, or too complex. We’re here to hold your hand and walk you through this, like a friend would.