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Epilepsy Wellness Advocates

We’re here to help reduce your stress and anxiety around the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy. We offer a community of support, advocacy, and empathy to patients, their families, and caregivers. Lean on us as a single, trusted source of information and practical options you can try today to improve the quality of your life with epilepsy.

Blue Collar Dollar Institute

The Blue Collar Dollar Institute aims to understand how the United States’ decision to subsidize foreign manufacturing is decreasing the size of our middle class, increasing the amount of Americans in poverty and catapulting forward the wealth in both the top 5% and foreign competitors.

Who is Charlie Shor?

Charlie Shor’s life story is the stuff of novels. But Charlie is a real person, and today he offers hope and practical solutions for people diagnosed with epilepsy.

At the age of 23, the driven young man was already in line to take the helm of Duro Bag, a paper bag manufacturing company his father founded decades before.

Little did Charlie know that two years later, the course of his life would change forever.

Charlie was getting off a plane in Manhattan, NY in 1979 when he had his first seizure.

Charlie successfully led Duro Bag until 2014. That’s when he started the Charles L. Shor Foundation and shifted his vision, energy and efforts to funding epilepsy research.